Topless in Cancun

Well, the Ruth Bailey story prompted another memory...another story that fits into the "jealousy" theme of this page.

Nope...this one involves Debbie and Steve...forget Ruth Bailey. (Carolyn Sue Bolles was there too, whether she would admit to it or not!)

Now Julie had a borrowed phrase that she said often, usually encouraging others rather than referring to herself..."If you've got it, flaunt it!" But, there is another saying that applies here also..."When in Rome, do as the Romans do!"

What's this leading up to? Well, the five of us (and I may be leaving someone out of's been a while) took off on a vacation together in the summer of 1983...a Club Med in Cancun, Mexico. Club Meds are known for being "permissive" in their beach in you didn't have to wear any if you didn't want to. Now don't get me wrong here, 95% of the people DID wear bathing suits and the ones that didn't usually isolated themselves. (And, believe me when I say that THAT was a good thing. Why these folks didn't wear clothes...I mean most of them made you want to take off YOUR clothes...and have them put them on. They were NOT heavenly bodies!)

But, the swimming attire at Club Med WAS skimpier than that seen in most places in the United States at the time.

Well...Julie decided that since she was out of the country and away from anyone who knew her (except her husband and three close friends) that she would go to the local shop and buy an itsy, bitsy, teensy, weensy, black string bikini. And did she wear it! (I tried real hard to convince Rachel to include one of the pictures on the collage for the visitation. Rachel didn't take too kindly to the suggestion...said she was trying to keep it PG rated! Well, Rachel is gone now...not back to Africa yet, but back in Washington, DC. So...whose to stop me now???)

But...that's later!

Back to the story...or was THAT the story. No...nothing for Julie to get jealous about there. If anyone should have been getting jealous, it was me...but I was too busy looking at Julie to notice if anyone else was looking at her.

Well...predictably, we spent our days in the sun at the beach (this being before Julie found out that she had lupus and that the sun was her enemy.) Julie and Debbie were out in the water having fun, while Sue, Steve, and I lounged on the beach.

Well, all of a sudden, there is this high pitched squeal. As we all turn to look, this amply endowed blonde comes scampering up on shore crying..."I've lost my top!" Well, Steve and I looked and didn't see anything missing...she had plenty on top as far as we could see. Oh...guess she was talking about the top part of her bikini. Well, I kid you not, at least 50 men jump into the water looking for her top...Steve and I stayed right where we were...we had a front row seat. The poor child was not modest in the least...made no effort at all to cover her...self. Finally, after about five minutes, some hunky looking guy comes running up to her...carrying the top to her bikini. (Steve and I had our suspicions. The bathing suit was NOT unique...the same kind they were selling at a shop nearby. Steve and I speculated that this joker was no fool...smarter than the average sun-drenched oggler. We think this guy turned on his heel as the other guys jumped in the water (and Steve and I held down the beach) and ran to the shop and bought a matching bikini, threw away the bottom, and rushed to the damsel in distress with his trophy! Whatever...he sure got his prize. She threw her arms around him, hugged him closely to her...self...and gave him a prolonged kiss. the blonde wanders off with her Prince Charming, Steve and I finally tear our eyes away and finally gaze back out onto the water. Oops...

Nah...ain't even going to try to pretend to make this a better story than it is. Yeah...Julie gave me a few zinging comments, but I could see that her heart wasn't in it. Hey, we were in Club Med, right...if she could flaunt it, then it was only fair that I be allowed to look at some exibitionist long as I was under her direct supervision...and as long as there was no bed anywhere around!

Now...did I make this whole story up? You can't imagine my devoted wife "flaunting it". Well...I've got the pictures to prove it!

Sorry, Rachel!

Julie...the Beach Bunny 1

Julie...the Beach Bunny 2

Don't tell me that blondes have more...are I beg to differ!