To Miss, With Love

Will be brief...

The tribute below stands on its own merit.

By way of background, I was invited to join a new Cairo High School alumni Web site. My reason for joining...after the 3rd invite...was pure personal curiosity. I had been told by a former student, now teacher, that many of my former students were "talkin' about me" on the "Former Teachers Page". Joined, read the comments, had my ego stroked...hey, it was a good thing as I fade into retirement.

After a couple of days, I decided to go back to the page...see if there were any updates/additions...

And that's when I read the most powerful tribute that could ever be made to the life of Julie A. Newell. It says in words so simple and heart-felt how a spontaneous moment of caring can impact a life.

It also shows that Julie started her mission in life early...the event taking place sometime during Julie's first couple of years of the ripe old age of 19 or 20...

Comment by Cheryl Murray Garrett

Mr McBride was a history magnet and I loved him for it. Though not a teacher, Julie Jones (at that time) convinced me to stay in school. Out of frustration, I went to my locker, packed up all of my books and delivered them to the front office. I informed her that I had, had enough and was quitting school. She grabbed me by the arm, escorted me to the girls bath room and painted a picture of what my life would be like without an education. She helped me to quietly put all my belongings back in my locker, gave me a pass to go back to class and there I stayed. I regret I never had the opportunity to say "Thank you."

To need harbor no regrets. You took Julie's advice...and made a life of it!