"Ooh, Ooh, Child, Things Will Get Brighter" by Princess Rachella

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Ooh, Ooh, Child, Things Will Get Brighter"

I sometimes wonder if, for the rest of my life, the period between August 17th and October 19th is going to feel like this picture looks.

Yeah, I've been pensive lately. Remembering where I was headed 2 years ago. Back to Cairo from Gulu. Back to Julie. Back to...you know.

It's hard. It just is. And it saps the creative energies, fer shure. I keep meaning to update the blog, but just can't find anything clever or witty or pathetic to say.

So I marinate. Try to let the memories come, and then gently usher them out out of my head as quick as humanly possible. I'm just trying to get on with it. But I also chose this picture to help remind me what's behind the gloom. That it, too, shall pass.

Posted by Princess Rachella at 6:21 PM