Told you in my last post that I "wear out" three friends with my emotional wanderings...which they kindly endure.

The old "that's what friends are for?"

Well, I did it again this morning...twice!

Since my postings are becoming fewer and farther between, thought I'd share...

From: Ron Newell
Date: 1/18/2009 8:32:59 AM
To: D; K; R;
Subject: A Sign?

Did somebody use the "Sign" word yesterday???

Julie has provided the exclamation point...first to me...then my neighbors.

Went to flip on the back porch light last night...yep, zap.

A few hours later, I flip on the bathroom lights...yep, zap.

Awakened this morning...noticed a chill in the air...noticed no time showing on the digital clock...yep, zap. As D can attest, our little part of the hood was without power...for two hours.

And...just as a reminder...the 4th time's the charm(?)...after the electricity had been restored for about 10 again for a bit.

Just kidding...


PS: The "inside joke" occurred after I lit a candle and visited the bathroom. Picked up a "magazine"...actually, one of those mail-order catalogs. Opened it...first item offered...a generator!

From: Ron Newell
Date: 1/18/2009 12:10:30 PM
To: D; K; R;
Subject: Signs...

Well, hell...

I've had my good cry for the morning!

I can't seem to read or watch anything that "touches the heart" least not in public.

Fortunately, this morning I was in the privacy of my own abode. Just completed a book that I started yesterday by a "new" author I like. I laughed at myself when I got to the final scene about an old man..."Uncle Cy". Told myself..."Damn, I'll cry at anything anymore."

Then, I glanced through the acknowledgments...I've always been anal that way...reading the parts that other folks ignore...always afraid that I'll miss something.

Well, if I hadn't read the acknowledgment, I would have missed a a "sign".

I have attached part of the's "acceptable" to matter what a person's emotional state.

I'm also providing a link to the referenced material, but I give you ample warning...the author did NOT exaggerate about bringing Kleenex. If you don't like sad stories...especially sad animal stories...then don't go there. Let's just say it's about love and death and signs...something I can relate to...especially after the events of the past 24 hours.


PS: "Sam" was also the name Julie gave to my first car..."our old gold Chevy".