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"The Visitor" by Princess Rachella

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Visitor

So, I know I've been conspicuously quiet since my birthday. I headed to Mombasa a few days afterward, and meant to do a few postings while I was on the road, but Internet access was spotty. I was exhausted when I got back to Nairobi on Thursday, but then had to do a quick turnaround in time for the pasta party I threw for some friends Saturday night.

Maybe it's because I drank more that night than I had in the previous month. Or maybe it's because while I was in Mombasa, I had called my best friend Faith on the one year anniversary of her mother's death, just to check up on her. Or maybe it's because I just knew it would happen eventually.

Anyway, I dreamed about my sister Julie the night after the dinner party. The funny thing is, I couldn't really see her face. But it was her, all right. I could hear her voice, and she was in a wheelchair, but she sounded so strong. She had hair, though, which definitely was not the case during the last year or so of her life. She wore two thick braids, and there was a lot of gray at her temples.

Anyway, in the dream, Julie had been invited to participate in some meeting in Arizona next August. I could actually read the letter inviting her on the trip, but I culdn't tell who it was from. Probably the National Education Association; she worked so hard for them during her final years. Anyway, between travel and the actual meeting, the trip would take up the entire month. She asked me if I'd take time off to travel with her.

Even in a dream, Julie should have known better. I'd quit my job and ride a Greyhound bus from Nairobi to Arizona for just one more chance to see her, to hug her, to help take care of her.

Anyway, on Sunday afternoon, during a much deserved nap after polishing off the leftover porcini penne, I dreamed about Julie again. This time, we were visiting my friends Veronica and David, and their adorable little daughter August. In the dream, Julie was so excited to meet August, and I watched them giggle and laugh and play together. Julie loved children so much.

This coming Sunday is the one year anniversary of Julie's passing, so, I guess I knew this would start happening. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing her again really soon.

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