Notes From a Native Daughter

"Boxing Day" by Princess Rachella

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

In Great Britain and some of her former colonies, the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. Itís based on a feudal custom where British royals and landed gentry would reward the local peasants for a yearís worth of grueling labor by handing out boxes of food and dry goods. Often, these were things the loyal peasants couldn't have afforded on the pitiful wages they got from said royals and gentry.

Cor, thatís a bloody bit of irony, what? Still, Iíve decided itís as good a day as any to open the last box Julie ever packed for me.

Itís been sitting in the main house at the compound since the day after my birthday, on October 3rd. I was in Illinois at the time, with Julie in the hospital. When I got back to Gulu on November 17th, I noticed this QVC box sitting in a corner at the main house. At the time, I couldnít have opened it if youíd held a gun to my head.

But considering the major victory Iíve achieved by not spending the past few days in a boozy haze, I think Iím actually strong enough to open it up and see what my Big Sis thought I needed to survive my sojourn in Gulu. Iíll do that right now.

Okay, I just finished going through the box, and I canít think of a single reason to cry or feel sad! As usual, Julie knew me like I knew myself. I SWEAR I donít know how sheís able to reach down from Heaven and provide me with EXACTLY what Iíve been wanting lately, but girlfriend managed to do just that.

First, ever since I got back to Gulu, Iíve had a yen for American style, chemically-processed potato chips. You can actually get some very tasty, all natural chips here, but once youíve been raised on mono-dextrose, polyunsaturated, fake-assed snacks, you canít get that monkey off your back. Well, Julie packed two cans of Pringles in that box!

Next, sheís responsible for getting me slavishly hooked on hand wipes; in each of her other care packages, sheíd included lots of them. Given how lax folks can be about hygiene in these parts, Iím glad I acquired the habit. Iíve been running a little low lately, and so guess what? Baby girl packed hand wipes!

Then, Julie knew how I suffer from hot flashes, and she was always gifting me with handy little portable fans. Well, Iíve been thinking I need a small box-sized fan to place directly on my desk, pointed straight at my face, to augment the standing fans we all have. Bingo! Now I have a 10-inch, 3 speed box fan!

And just this morning, I gathered a pile of silver jewelry thatís getting so tarnished, I donít want to wear it anymore. Iíve had some luck with using toothpaste to polish a few pieces, but what I really craved were some silver polishing cloths.


I could go on and on, with the Jiffy cornbread, and the first aid kit, and the over-the door-hanger and the wooden spoonsÖ..but I think youíve caught my drift. Julie didnít just guess about what to put in those care packagesÖshe always seemed to KNOW exactly what I needed.

It's funny, but last week at this time, I never expected to feel so sane and stable during Christmas week. I was totally prepared to spend the holidays deeply depressed and inert. And now, I canít stop smiling. How can I NOT believe that the Archangel Julie is swooping around me, determined to keep me from falling off the cliff of despair?

Oh, yeah, hereís the best thing of all. At the bottom of Julieís box, were two packages of flower seeds. They came in a promotional envelope from Saturn, for their ďGo GreenĒ Hybrid cars. Saturnís slogan, underneath the seed packet, reads,

ďLike Always. Like Never Before.Ē

Kind of like Julie. Sheís still here for me, like always. But only now, itís like never before. And even though Iím tempted to just keep those seeds locked away in a chest somewhere, so Iíll never have to watch their flowers die, I think Iíll plant them on New Yearís Day, to show the Archangel Julie just how much I still love her. Like always.

Like never before.

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