Rachel's "70th Birthday" Tribute to Julie

Julie Ann Marie Jones Newell would have turned 70 years old today. I think that's why I'm feeling it so deeply...I was robbed. She was supposed to teach me how to enter this phase of life like a BOSS.

We were supposed to have been two old biddies clambering onto the decks of cruise ships together, cackling our way through the midnight buffets and closing down the casinos. She was supposed to teach me how to have Late Life Swagger. This would have been our decade to show the world how growing older is really done.

Now I have to be a Dynamic Dowager for both of us. I think I can pull it off, because you definitely gave Life a run for its money, Winky. If I can stay half as strong as you were, turning 70 will be one big Turn Up, in honor of you.