Rachel's Birthday Butterfly Card

The posting below is from the Facebook page of Rachel Jones:

     Rachel Jones

October 2012 kicked off a Mid-Life Marathon of Craptitude the likes of which: OY VEY!! However, the past 31 days have yielded such seismic shifts, I can't help feeling amazed by how a "simple" thing like never giving up can change your life. Speaking of simple things, this Butterfly Ballerina was my first sign that things were about to get poppin', and it's just the sweetest story ever.

This is the only Birthday Card I got this year, and it's possibly the only one I'll ever need for the rest of my life. It was created by the 5 year old daughter of my friend Lou Lou, who helped me celebrate on October 3rd. As she headed out the door with a small gift bag for me, Adina stopped her and said, "Mommy, do you have a card to give?" Lou Lou told her no, but that it wasn't necessary. Adina begged to differ, and made Lou Lou wait while she decided which one of her school drawings would be appropriate.

The fact that Adina schooled her mother on proper gifting etiquette was priceless enough. That she also chose a butterfly has even deeper significance. In my latest Birthday Night profile pic, I'm wearing a pair of double butterfly earrings. I chose them on Oct. 3 because they made me feel like my sister Julie was with me. Julie died six years ago this month, and ever since, October has been more solemn than celebratory.

But butterflies were her "thing," and my brother-in-law Ron and I always consider butterfly sightings as her sign to us that she's okay, and that WE would be okay, too.

So a 5 year old girl gave me one of the most profound gifts I've ever received. You just never know where your blessings are going to come from, or when. But they will come. You just gotta keep some skin in the game.

Happy Halloween!