It Was Five Years Ago Today...

...and I will let Rachel have the honors.

The postings below are from Rachel's Facebook page:

     Rachel Jones

A decade ago, if youíd asked me if I could survive five years beyond the death of my beloved sister-mother Julie Ann Marie Jones Newell, I might have said, ďNo.Ē

But on this 5th anniversary of her transition, this image explains how Iíve found the strength to keep going. Julie rose like a phoenix from the ashes of pain and disability so many times, we thought she was invincible. She blazed like the sun, shone like a star. Julie was a natural phenomenon, like a rainbow.

I donít think my brother-in-law Ron staged or Photoshopped this picture taken during one of their Hawaii trips, but it so perfectly captures Julieís spirit.

While rainbows have always been my lucky symbol, this image reminds me that you donít always need to SEE a rainbow to keep going. Just remember the shimmering beauty, and BELIEVE.

     Rachel Jones

The partial rainbow that appeared in the skies above Gulu, Uganda when I returned there in Nov. 2007, after my sister Julie's funeral


Rachel is right...

...there was no staging or photoshopping.

As always, with Julie, there was no faking it...

...she was the real deal!