Look at the bright side...prom night meant that the school year was almost over!

Of course, Julie didn't look at it that way...I did. For Julie, it meant fun...and an opportunity to get me out on the dance floor...a difficult task indeed.

This just dusted off a memory...of a prom that I actually sponsored...I think there were two during all those years. The kids wanted to get away from the high school gymnasium...we didn't want to go out of town...or maybe it was the school board...don't remember. Anyway, we finally decided that we would do the prom at the Cavalier Club...I think it was the first. We did all the decorations and arranged a video DJ service...first time that ever happened also. We talked to the DJ ahead of time about the "proper" music to play...ever vigilant that we would not corrupt the sweet, innocent youth of the day.

Came prom time...with several school board members in attendance and a good turnout of kids for a change. We were offering door prizes and a $100 cash prize to be given at a suitably late time to get them to stay more than 15 minutes and a picture. Gave the sign to the DJ to crank up the first song/video. To our shock and embarassment, he chose George Michael's "I Want Your Sex". The kids didn't bat an eye and headed straight for the dance floor. A couple of school board members' mouths dropped open and looked toward Julie and I for a reaction. What could we do? I looked at her, she looked at me, and without either of us saying a word...turned and headed for the dance floor too!

Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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