Love Letters...

Okay...let's stick with the Valentine's Day theme.

Ran across some "love letters" from 1972, 1973, and 1974...before, before, and after our marriage on November 30, 1973.

One big surprise and one observation...

The surprise...

We weren't supposed to be married on November 30th! The special day was originally scheduled for August 4th...which came as a total surprise to my faulty memory banks. Julie mentioned in one of her Summer of 1973 letters about how she was looking forward, counting the days, to August 4th. I thought maybe that was the day I was supposed to return from my two-week National Guard stint...but it didn't seem to match up with the date on the letter. I dismissed it without further thought. When I read the next letter, it became perfectly well as the reason. We had planned on buying one of the low-income houses that the Egyptian Housing Authority was building. (Hey...I was making maybe $6200 a year back then; Julie maybe $3000!) Anyway, while I was at camp, Julie found out that our incomes combined would prevent us from qualifying for the housing, so she reluctantly "pulled the plug" on the August 4th wedding date. (Evidently, our strategy was to no avail, since we did not get the house in the end anyway...instead, purchasing the house on Highland Avenue.)

The observation...

Must be true what they say about married folks...the "fire" dying down. There were several letters each from 1972 and 1973..."BEFORE", but only one each from 1974..."AFTER".

Anyway...below you will find links to some sample "love letters". I am presenting them as final proof - in our own 1972 handwriting - that we were, indeed, two innocent "kids". No torrid love letters ours! Oh, there were threats of bruised ribs and lips from "multiple hugs and kisses", but beyond that...well, I'll never tell!

DISCLAIMER...You will notice that "censorship" has been imposed in a few places. This was NOT done by the military! "I did this!" Trust me...there was nothing titillating. It was simply to eliminate the names of people who had not given their permission for inclusion in this biography.

July 8, 1972 - "Ronnie" to Julie

July 9, 1972 - Julie to "Ronnie"

July 11, 1972 - "Ronnie" to Julie

July 14, 1972 - Julie to "Ronnie"

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