Love For Dummies

Are you familiar with the "For Dummies" books? The "Idiot's Guide" books?

Hey, my mama didn't raise no fool!


I'm not absolutely sure where this originated, although I have a good hunch.

If Julie were here today...well, she wouldn't be HERE today. Julie (and I, of course) would be in Washington, DC...even if Rachel isn't there! The reason being that the National Education Association's Annual Representative Assembly is being held there this year.

Prior to the opening of the 4-day RA, a popular stop is the NEA Expo, which is held at the convention center. There, visitors and delegates can browse the booths of a variety of companies displaying their products for purchase. To gain attention and hopefully favor, personnel at the booths give away a variety of gifts. Julie and Rachel were not ones to pass up a bargain.

Julie would wander for hours looking for "freebies" that she could present to teachers upon her return to Cairo. The Expo would last for three days and Julie would make sure that she scoped out as many treasures as she could. On more than one occasion, when we flew to the Representative Assembly rather than driving, we would have to go out and buy an extra suitcase to bring her goodies home!

So, again, I'm pretty sure that's where the item below originated.

All I know is that one day when I went to the refrigerator to get some lobster, escargot, calamari, or some such delicacy (all right, it was probably a beer), lo and behold I came face-to-face with a "sign"...

Guess Julie was taking no chances...or as she and Rachel were fond of saying..."Just keepin' it real."

Well, DUH!