Lonesome Dove

Probably would have been better to have skipped this post. Any "naysayers" will be inclined to cite it as "proof" that my experience yesterday was far from "Heaven-sent"...simply a couple of birds that have found my tree a nice roosting place.

Well, two things prompt me to "lay it out there":

Finished my CAT Tracks posts this morning - three so far! As I was finishing up, I noted two things.

One was a chill. No, nothing paranormal...just that I've got the heat turned down trying to save energy. (Okay, forget the "environmentalism. Trying to save $$$. Cairo utility bills are outrageous!!!)

The second thing was a persistent sound...again, nothing eerie. It's nearing noon and my stomach is speaking to me!

So...went out to the kitchen to bang some pots and pans together. (Okay, one pan to heat up some soup.)

As I was waiting for the soup to heat, I went to the back window and looked out.

Earlier this morning, I will admit to looking for "my doves"...which were not to be seen. However, I was treated to another animal experience...two squirrels. They were having a fine old time. One squirrel would scamper ahead. The other squirrel would scamper the same path...stopping just short of the first...like, maybe an inch from the tail. The first squirrel would "jump" ahead, as if the latter squirrel had approached too closely...invading his/her space. They kept doing this for several minutes, into and out of three different yards. Ahhhh, guess spring is springing!

Anyway, back to waiting for the soup to warm...

As I looked out the kitchen window, I saw a dove...one dove. Yeah, I thought...a lonesome dove.

No, I didn't get all teary eyed.

As I indicated above, my weird sense of humor kicked in...with the "Lonesome Dove" reference...the name of the old movie {TV miniseries (?) based upon the book} starring Robert Duvall.

Had to wonder...where did your partner go, buddy?

And then I happened to glance up...

Yep, a few branches higher in the tree, there was the other dove.

She looked sorta lonely too...

Time to go eat some soup...