Last Birthday Card

Julie and I NEVER dated our special occasion cards.

I wish we had...

While searching for pictures over the past couple of months, I have found a ton of cards...probably every card we ever exchanged. Many brought back pleasant memories, but, as I think I've mentioned before, many contained voiced regrets for apparent "bumps" in our "perfect marriage".

Upon reading the latter, I've wondered about the context...what particular "trial or tribulation" might have prompted the apology. Figured that maybe a date would jog the memory. C'est la vie...

Today, I used part of my day off to go through some more boxes...expecting union stuff and school stuff, NOT "personal" stuff.

Well, evidently, during Julie's final bout of illness, I must have "cleaned up" one day by taking things off of her desk and putting them in a get them out of the way. My luck to "find" that box today.

There was a lot of junk mail...must have been at least twenty invitations to casinos and a bunch of catalogs. Easy trashing there!

But, then came the "get well" cards...NOT what I was hoping to find. Don't get me wrong, the cards were greatly appreciated at the time...but NOW is not the time!

Finally, up pops Julie's last birthday card to me.

How do I know? NOT because I remember...these last few months have been nothing but a blur. I know because this card proved to be "the exception to the rule". For whatever reason, Julie dated her final card to me...first time, last time.

Needless to say, reading the card in the context of what has happened since gave it a whole new meaning...