Some candid shots of Julie...mostly from the early years.

The first two pictures...of her in a brown blouse. The puffiness was not due to the steroids that she would be required to use to treat lupus in later years. The "puffiness" was due to her pregnancy in 1974...a pregnancy that was to be the first of our "trials and tribulations"...a pregnancy that resulted in a stillborn daughter, Christie Ann.

Julie loved kids and dearly wanted one of her own. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. After her diagnosis of lupus, the doctors strongly advised that she not take a chance on another pregnancy...that it could well mean her life.

Many pictures...most that you have not Julie lovingly tending to other people's and friends. Outwardly and consciously, she was thrilled to be holding and being around "her babies" spreading across her face as she did so. However, I knew that not-so-deep inside, she always felt a deep sadness and hollowness at never having held or raised her own.

But...true to form...she never showed it.

Okay...need to change the mood on this one!

The picture that follows the two that I just was Julie's "Dolly Parton" period. ain't fake. After the pregnancy, Julie quickly lost the weight that she had gained. Well, most places. Being a loving and supportive husband, I never complained...

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