Insurance Policy

Car insurance? Homeowner's insurance? Health insurance?

What "insurance"?

Why "special occasion" insurance!

Since today would have been our 34th wedding anniversary, I will "tell on" Julie.

As many of you know, Julie was BIG on marking special occasions...sending cards to various school folks on their birthdays. Julie kept a big folder of cards for all occasions by her desk. Folks would always marvel at how she remembered them, especially when their own family members might not. Well, part of that was because Julie had a remarkable memory...and, also, because she kept a detailed calendar!

Me...I had it easy! Julie took care of everybody except Julie. So...I only had to remember two dates...her birthday and our wedding anniversary.

Her birthday was easy...five days AFTER mine! As soon as I got my card(s), if I had failed to remember, I knew it was time to immediately go out and get hers.

Anniversary? November 30th! Who can't remember one day of the year...especially since it follows so closely Thanksgiving! So, I never, ever forgot a special occasion.

And, of course, Julie never, ever forgot either!

Except, that one time...

Julie told me one day in mid-November that she had bought tickets to the Ebony Fashion Fair that was going to be held in Paducah, KY. My firt thought was "Oh, no...I don't want to go to a fasion show!" (I thought it...did NOT say it. I said I was trainable.) Well, my heart soared when she said that she was taking her mother...and that I didn't have to go!

Greatly relieved, I said "That's nice...ought to be fun. When is it?" As you have already surmissed, Julie said "November 30th."

Well, I evidently got a funny look on my face, because Julie asks "What's the matter? Did you have something else planned?" I truthfully said "Uh, no." Evidently my "funny look" remained, because Julie said "Something must be up...what's going on?"

I said "When did you say the show was?" Julie responds "November 30th...why?" I just looked at her, shook my head, and said "Julie, Julie, Julie." She started to get frustrated and then you could see the light bulb come on as she remembered what November 30th was.

Then, Julie got embarrassed and upset...started apologizing...saying she would find someone else to take her mother..."Ronnie, I'm so sorry!"

Being the wonderful husband that I am (or that Julie kept saying I was), I told her NOT to apologize...everything was all right...she WOULD have remembered as the date grew closer...she was just excited about the show. I told her "Go on and go to the'll enjoy it and so will your mother." Julie responded "I can't leave you at home alone on our anniversary." I said "Look, if you will recall, we ate pickle loaf sandwiches and went to sleep...on the original night in question. The fashion show will be better than pickle loaf sandwiches, and you'll be home sleep. And, then, there's always the next morning!"

Julie laughed, but was still mortified.

However, Julie took her mother to the fashion show and they both had a great time.

And, best of all, I had an all-paid-up "insurance policy" in case I ever forgot her birthday or anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Julie!