Health Updates - Recall

Always trust your first instinct! Isn't that what we tell our students when they take multiple choice tests...because it seems to always be true?

Should practice what I preach!

Today's posting is to announce a "recall" of previous postings.

A few days ago, I launched the "Health Updates" section...figured I would regale you with previous "chapters" in Julie's life...documenting her fighting spirit...the spirit that inspired so many on-lookers to "suck it up" and deal with their everyday "trials and tribulations".

If Julie "Jobetta" Newell could deal with these problems...

Then...when I made the initial post...revisiting a rawly painful period in order to tell the "salute" story...I prefaced the "chapter" with the following:


Okay...don't know if this page is going to stay or not!

I mean...if we are really serious about a "book thing", I guess you tell the whole story. The "story" of Julie's life, especially the last ten years, has centered around various health crises...insurmountable battles that she somehow emerged from...battered, but never bowed.

And, in telling the WHOLE story, I guess you have to include the "final chapter"...the chapter that does not have a "happy ending"...not that any of these battles could be described as "happy".

But...the e-mail below, from this past September 9th! Too fresh in my mind...

I'll post it for now...because I promised to relate the "Julie Salute" story as she "marched off for her colon stint procedure". When it was written, this e-mail was supposed to be another "happy ending" to the worst two weeks of my life. Unfortunately, in the stark glare of loses all redeeming quality.

(I'm sorry...thought I could handle it. Time to post some more pictures...that's a happy task.)

***'s been bugging me ever since. I should have followed my initial "gut feeling". Folks...that posting, as well as the others, are gone. It is way too soon for me to be reminded of the horrible pain that Julie suffered for so many years. And, what's the point. Julie's life wasn't about the was how she handled adversity.

I'm going to leave one entry...the "Dr. Sartin" story. It clearly shows that Julie's spirit was alive and fiercely present a little over a week before she passed into eternal peace. Julie's spirit forced her failing body to literally rise up one more time in an effort to teach the good doctor a lesson about humanity and compassion.

Maybe that was Julie's final "purpose" in deliver a message to a "healer"..."Dr. Martin, heal thyself!"

Julie is gone now...but have no pity for her!

The life of Julie Newell was a triumph...a life to be celebrated and remembered with joy...NEVER pity! Julie packed more laughing, living, and loving into her 57 years than most do during much longer lifespans.

And, who knows? Maybe that's why the rest of us are still here.

Maybe we are being given additional time so that we may live like Julie, laugh like Julie, and love like that when our time comes, we will be ready to join her.


Postscript: Uh...just read that last sentence again.

Just in case Julie is listening, I'd like to clarify that "love" part.

Julie, honey, sweetheart...I'm talking about spiritual of our fellow human beings...doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I am NOT talking about the physical topless blondes!

Julie, get your mind out of the gutter...and hold off on those lightning bolts!!!

October 16, 2007