Okay...I'm back already!

I had good intentions of spending the afternoon doing exciting stuff...filling out forms for an AFLAC claim and writing "Thank You" notes for the funeral. To brace myself, I decided to pay a visit to the cemetery. When I got back and got out of the car, I noticed that one of the rear tires was almost flat. Well...THAT is a crisis on a Sunday afternoon in Cairo. Went to the local filling station and bought 75 cents worth of air and headed off for Paducah. I had purchased the tires at Sears and had the road hazard guarantee...something I never, ever use...even when I purchase it...too much of a hassle usually. Turns out somebody had a screw loose and I happened to run over it...three hours, counting travel time, to get a flat tire fixed! But, hey, it was "free"...not counting the price of gas. Dang...hasn't it gone up lately!

So when I get back, my good intentions have passed...figure I'll just wait until tomorrow...that's the beginning of the work week...isn't it? (It's been so long since I've worked...following the usual time off for summer vacation...can't remember. Hey, did I retire last year and just forgot?!)

So took a quick look through a folder of pictures that I've scanned since the original batch for the visitation collage. Some of them stood out...some VERY relaxed Julie pictures. Thought I'd put them out today..."for fun".

When Rachel was putting together the collage, one picture kept catching my eye...just REALLY seemed the capture the real Julie...the devious and mirthful Julie...the Julie ready for a good time. It is the picture you see below.

Later, when I went through the pictures again, I found additional shots from that day that let me know why Julie looked, shall we say, bemused. You'll see the companion picture when you open the set...and you'll know what I mean. I don't know which picture was "before" and which picture was "after", but I think you'll see the humor in it.

But...it gets better than that!

I hinted in a previous post that I had had an "experience" that had set my mind at ease about Julie's passing. I'm not ready to share that yet with the "general public". I'm going to wait until I've been back at work for a while so that you can see that I'm "normal"...that I haven't "lost it". I want to finish this year in the "institution" that we call Cairo School District Number One...NOT in an institution up Anna way.

But...I did experience a "coincidence" of a humorous variety that I will share.

After I scanned the companion picture to the one below, I framed it and placed it in a place of honor...my "shrine to Julie", if you will...a collection of my favorite pictures on a shelf in the "computer room". As I stepped back, I laughed and thought how mortified Julie would be if - make that WHEN - I posted it for others to see. Just then, I turned toward my computer - where, of course, I have a screensaver of Julie pictures playing - and what picture is staring out at me? It is the second picture of the set you are about to see. And if you know Julie and the look she gets in her eye...you just know that she is about to send me a "sign"...of the one-finger salute variety!

I can see her now...

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