Fat Little Thighs

Back during the fateful school year of 1971-72...the year of the first kiss and cow bells, there was another instance of "hoof in mouth".

Julie had a particular gold dress that she wore to school...or maybe I should say that the dress wore her. Folks, for a prim and proper (raised a Jehovah's Witness) 21-year-old principal's secretary, Julie DID flaunt it. That dress was tight and short. I should know...I was watching VERY closely.

Well, I hung around the office...a lot. We would talk about anything and everything. After school, we and two other school personnel (had to have our chaperones) played volley ball in the old CHS "girl's gym".

One of the other people was a Geography teacher who would later move to Louisville, Kentucky and become a cop. While in Cairo, he enjoyed setting land speed records for driving from Cairo to Cape Girardeau...BEFORE they improved the highway. Folks, the old Route 3 was DANGEROUS!

This future cop, developing his "hot pursuit" driving skills, claimed to be able to drive from Cairo to Cape in 17 minutes. (Well, the Guetterman boys had that commercial a few years back about the trip from Cape to Cairo only being 15 minutes...at 100 miles per hour!).

Anyway, the above had nothing to do with the sexytary who wore the tight, short, gold dress to school, but I must say that Julie DID make my heart race! No, the above was simply a "filler", because like Julie's dress, this story is short.

However, it is a classic example of the ease with which men can put both feet into their mouth without even trying!

Miss Julie Jones was sitting at her desk in the office, wearing the short and tight gold dress (which I still have in a drawer in the basement). Julie was doing nothing in particular except holding my attention with a lot of bending and stretching.

Finally, she accidentally scrapes her legs when she rolls her chair up closer to her desk. When she exclaims that "Ouch, I scraped my legs", I dutifully check them out and say "Hmmm...must be those fat little thighs of yours."

Julie gave me a quizzical look at the time, but I didn't think too much about it...thinking about nothing except the FINE body (somewhat) contained in that tight, short gold dress.

It was a couple of years later that Julie told me how my comment had caused her to engage in a strenuous exercise and diet routine to slim those "fat little thighs"!