Circle of Life...Mystery Solved

On May 26, 2008, at 12:30 p.m., I reported the following...

Doo Dee Doo Dee Note: While typing the above, something, well...SOMETHING happened. Caught a flash out of my peripheral vision and heard a LOUD snapping a picture had fallen over...literally jumped. I just spent five minutes looking for something...anything...that might account for the sound. Nada! Outside is lightning. I mean...THAT was weird. Stay tuned...if I can find any "signs" (and you KNOW I'm always looking!), I'll certainly let you know!

Well, on the afternoon of June 10, 2008 (didn't note the time), the mystery was solved, sort of...

After running off copies of some thick financial documents provided by the Board of Education for our current contract negotiations, I placed them on "Julie's desk" in the computer room. As I stood there looking at them, I was mentally bemoaning the fact that I did not have a heavy-duty stapler that would produce a staple that would penetrate and bind the documents. That's when I noticed something...a solitary staple lying on the desk. Knowing that I had not been doing any stapling of late (and never at "Julie's desk"), I was puzzled...

Then it dawned on me! When Julie passed, I occupied my time in the days and weeks following by engaging in some basic "house cleaning". Yeah, some dusting and cleaning of the usual sort, but mostly going through "the stuff" that accumulates over the years...putting away, throwing away, and putting to use some unearthed items that had been buried and forgotten.

One of those items was an electric stapler.

Never been a fan of such. My anally retentive ways have relegated me to manual to line up the staple on the document...just so! I can even remove a staple to make adjustments or insertions to a document and then restaple the document without evidence that the original staple was removed. Yes...I said ANAL!

So, electronic staplers are NOT for telling when or where that thing will "go off" when you insert a document. Just "SNAP" whenever it takes a mind, not that inanimate objects have a mind.

Aha! The "LOUD snapping sound" of May 26th...and the inability to find the source thereof. Yep...the electric stapler "decided to staple" on May 26th...of its own I sat at the computer across the room. (I confirmed the sound by inserting a piece of paper...and SNAP...the sound that I had mistaken for a fallen picture landing on a desk top.

As I said...a "Doo Dee Doo Dee" moment. That stapler has sat quietly and inoperative on that desk for at least six months...and since May 26th. Why did the stapler suddenly "staple" while I was reminiscing on the "Circle of Life"?

Do NOT look to me for answers...I don't have any. I'll let you, dear reader, provide your own rationale or speculation for said event.

Hey, probably just some electrical surge...on a clear and calm day...that did NOT affect any other electrical items, including the computer upon which I was typing. Hey, weird things happen...doesn't mean that any supernatural events are poltergeists going bump in the night, uh, mid-day.

Using my best Rod Serling voice, "I submit for your consideration..."