Keep Going 'Round in Circles

Did you watch the Tony Awards Show on Sunday night?

About an hour before it started, it crossed my mind that if Julie were alive, she would definitely be in New York for the show. If Julie were unable to actually score a ticket to the show (and I wouldn’t have bet against her), she would definitely be “in the area” and schmoozing with the stars at the post award show parties!

Well, when the show started, it didn't take Julie long to let me know (as well as those of you who have been paying attention) that she WAS there!

If you read my earlier posting Circle of Life, just follow the “signs”!

With no introductions, the show began with a number from “The Lion King”…yep, the “Circle of Life”. I mean, what were the odds?

That not enough for you, oh, Doubting Thomases?

Well, re-read the Circle of Life 12:30 p.m. posting…the part about “In The Heights”…the “circle” of Chris Jackson appearing in a new Broadway show.

Still not enough for you?

Did you read the “Note” immediately following that 12:30 p.m. entry…the doo dee doo dee moment…which later turned out to be the electric stapler?

I keep telling you about Julie's electrical charges. Could it be that Julie was looking over my shoulder while I was typing the entry about Chris’s new show...and experienced a big adrenaline surge, causing a flash of light and a loud snap? (I'm reminded of one of Julie's favorite television shows..."In Living Color". Julie liked Homey the Clown like most people, but one of her favorite routines was the "Men on Film" who instead of giving the traditional two thumbs up to show their approval, would give "two snaps up in a circle". Could it be???)

I know, I know...there are still some die-hard skeptics out there. That's okay, because I’ve got the clincher!

Following the “Circle of Life” performance, out comes the “MC” – Whoopi Goldberg. What’s that got to do with “signs”? Hell, she was dressed up in a lobster suit! (Okay, it was a crab suit…but that was close enough for me. Julie liked crab almost as much as lobster!)

Hope you enjoyed the show, Julie!

PS: Typed the above during the first hour of the show. At the end of the third hour, the circle was completed. "In The Heights" took the Tony Award for best musical! Congratulations to Christopher "Chris" Jackson who performed during the awards show and joined his fellow cast members on stage following their win. Another former Cairoite makes good (again)...starring in a Tony Award winning Broadway show. Not too shabby...