Circle of Life II

Think I'll clean up a T-shirt slogan, bumper sticker know, the one that Forrest Gump invented while on his jog across America...when a fellow runner "stepped in it". (If I recall correctly, Forrest was trying to deal with HIS feelings of loss...a temporary separation that would become tragically permanent later. Whatever...)

The G-rated version is "Signs Happen".

Okay, THAT was pretty lame...I'll admit, but what do you expect when I'm in the middle of a pity party. I've still got some heavy additions to make to my previous post..."The Final Stage".

Had been planning on marking the occasion of Julie's passing with some fresh flowers...a dozen roses from Rachel and I. Julie passed away at 6:20 p.m. on this date and I wanted to "be with her" at that time. When 4:30 p.m. arrived, I decided it was time to make my flower run. (Schnucks in Cape carries a nice assortment of various bouquets.)

Decided that THIS would be an excellent opportunity to grab another "sign". Hey, a good hour on the road (going and coming)...turn the radio on...let Julie speak to me!!!

Bummer...narry a tune that even this desperate man on this desperate day could stretch into a sign of Julie's presence.

Oh, well...DID accomplish my mission of acquiring a dozen roses. (They are a mix of yellow and red, Rachel. Julie would approve.)

Actually, I KNOW Julie approved...

After leaving the cemetery for my drive home, I decided to continue the praying that I had begun at the cemetery. Yeah, mostly a mantra to keep my spirits up.

Finally, about halfway to Cairo, I decided to turn the radio on and that's when Julie let me know that I'd "done good"...and that she had noticed.

If you've been paying attention and have a mind like a steel trap, you've probably guessed the song that "just happened to be playing" when I turned on the radio. YEP, Elton John and the "Circle of Life".

You think I "lost it" yesterday with "Sad Songs" glad you weren't traveling I-57 south between the Mounds exit and Cairo at about 6:45 p.m. We might have bumped into each other...I wasn't seeing too clearly at that time. Wanted to pull off to the side of the road, but was afraid that I'd take out some of the road markers. (By the way, if you WERE on that road at that time, I was the old man driving 45 mph...)

Yes,, Rachel, and I have completed the first-year circle. Rachel and I have missed seeing you've noticed from the tears we've shed. We appreciate greatly you staying in touch...reaching out to us in noticeable ways whenever we get really, really down.

As Rachel said in her blog today, we are happy that you are free...that your spirit now sores, unencumbered by the physical frailties that beset you on earth.

I pray every day to join you soon, but I DID notice the church sign that you posted...TWICE. Don't EVEN try to deny it!'re in heaven now...the "powers that be" frown upon, uh, being anything less than truthful. So...I WILL continue to be patient, trusting in God's timing.

Until next time, let me close this little note by borrowing the words of your "refrigerator magnet" with, of course, some appropriate modification...


I Love You With All My Heart!

Your Loving Husband,