Christmas 2008

I should have known better...

You "old" Beatles' fans will recognize that opening...a song from "A Hard Day's Night".

Well, I certainly should have known. Ain't gonna win an award today for being the sharpest tack in the box or the sharpest knife in the drawer, that's for sure. Why unwrap "Pandora's Box" on Christmas morning? But, I did...

This all started yesterday...or was it the day before yesterday? You see, it has seemed like Saturday to me for the past few days. Someone told me at my retirement party that for "us people", the week consists of six Saturdays and one Sunday...assuming you are a church-going person! Well, this week I have found that to be true. And, this morning, I thought it was Sunday...guess because it's Christmas...God's day...whatever. Maybe my mind is telling me that it's time to get a I'll know what day it is.

Nooooooooooooo!!! Let me lay down for a while...let that horrible feeling pass.


Okay, I'm's Thursday...I'm cured!!!

Anyway, Santa brought me a new computer (and satellite!!!) for Christmas. I'm in the process of switching things over...from the one Julie bought me for Christmas 2001. Think I've got all that done, except for the iTunes library. Figured I'd see of I could find the owner's manual. After not finding it, I remembered that there was a box in my closet...maybe that's where it is. Well, lo and behold, no. Instead, it was the box that I had put some of our old pictures and a multitude of our old special occasion cards. At the time, I thought, hey, maybe I could find a couple of good Christmas cards...something to jog the old brain cells for another posting on As you have noticed, they are becoming farther and farther apart...and mostly me conjuring up stories about signs or flat-out laments.

It bears repeating...I should have known better.

First thing outta the box...butterflies galore. Right on the top, a birthday card...from me to Julie. From the words inside, gotta believe it was August 17, 1998...the one that followed her first major lupus flare.

I didn't need to read this, especially THIS morning...

I mean, I'm glad that I wrote such a card 10 years ago, but...

One thought that could have avoided all this was that Julie and I didn't really do Christmas cards to each other. Hey, that's why God invented CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

Actually, Julie would fake me out occasionally...slipping in a card along with the presents. On rare occasions, I reciprocated.

So, to fulfill my original intent and to end this posting on a more upbeat note, you will find links below to a couple of Christmas each.

Merry Christmas - Julie to "Ronnie"

Merry Christmas - "Ronnie" to Julie