In Defense of "Ronnie"

Hey, Julie sent me "a sign" yesterday!

Oh, please excuse me for a moment...

No, Rachel...RELAX! I'm NOT going to tell them about THAT sign. That one was just between you and me. Some "family secrets" will remain just that...secret!

Okay...I'm back!

Well, I guess I really should have said that Julie sent me a card. Well, make that...Julie resent me a birthday card, one that I gave to her...years ago.

Went rummaging yesterday, trying to clean out some more of the mountain of paperwork that has accumulated over the past 25 years. Still hoping to find more pictures, but mostly there was an unruly pile of papers that I decided to "file". This was Julie's file of IEA and NEA vouchers, ESP training materials, IMRF meetings, etc. In short, exciting stuff!

Well, stuck in the middle of all of these business papers was one card. No, there weren't a stack of cards and I "chose" the one I wanted to "grasp to my desperate bosum". (Do "real men" have bosums? Sorry, sorry...I digress!)

Anyway, back to the card...

Those of you who have read the "Cooking for Chemo" post know that I could at times be a little cold - make that downright hurtful, notwithstanding the "extenuating circumstances".

Yeah...some of these "trips down memory lane" make me cringe...and cause me to take an occasional "guilt trip".

Well, have no fear...Julie is here!

To sooth my conscience a mite, Julie allowed me yesterday to remember that the "coldness" and the "hurtfulness" were a momentary aberration...that, generally speaking, I WAS "supportive" of her life-long mission.

See for yourself, as Julie comes to the defense of her "Ronnie"...