Expression of Love

The Joneses - by their own account - were a dysfunctional family. Lewis wasn't Ward Cleaver and Eloise bore no resemblence to June. By my account...THAT made them pretty normal!

Typical of those born and reared during their era - black and white, Lewis and Eloise had difficulty expressing their emotions. This absence of vocal reassurance did not mean that they didn't love their children...LOVE was understood, as Lewis and Eloise went about the daily ordeal of providing for them...TEN of them!

You've already read Julie's personal account of "Keeping Up and Cooking Up With The Joneses"...the poverty, the hard times, and Julie's attempts to help relieve the burden upon her mother.

Julie "did her thing" because that's who she was. Julie did NOT labor for dollars or to earn gratitude. Julie's "labor" was a labor of love. However, everyone likes to hear a word of appreciation once in a while, and Julie was no exception.

One of Julie's most prized possessions was a letter, written to Julie, not by "her lover" (ME!), but by her mother.

The letter was written in 1981, when Julie was 30 years old. (Oops, I'm sorry, Julie...what was it, again? 19? 25? Never seemed to be able to get the year straight, but then, again, it seemed to keep changing!?)

The letter was written a good eight years after Julie had married and flown the coup.

When Julie received the following letter from Eloise, such an obviously heart-felt expression of appreciation and love, totally out of the blue...

Well, as they say..."Priceless!"