A "Dear Ron" Letter

"Dear Ronnie" goes off to war (well, National Guard summer camp in Indiana) in July of 1973...eagerly anticipating the impending marriage to his "beloved Julie" upon his return.

Mail call...

A letter from "beloved Julie"!!!

It begins...

"Hi, There - "

What...no "Darling", "Sweetheart", "Ronnie"???

"Hi, There"???

And it got worse:

Okay, much as I try, guess I can't build up any real suspense! We all know that Julie and Ronnie got married...on November 30, 1973...thirty-five years ago today.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that in reading our old "love letters" I had discovered a forgotten fact...that Julie and I were originally scheduled to be married on August 4, 1973.

At the time, I was renting a very small house on 33rd Street...something not really suitable for young newlyweds. Our plan was to purchase one of the "low income" houses that were being built in Cairo at the time. (Yep, teachers could definitely qualify for low-income housing!) However, from the letter, new rules and regs caused the combination our salaries to exceed the "family" income limit.

Thus the postponement of the wedding..."Dear Ron".

The "new house" never materialized, by the way. Don't really remember why...maybe the two "love birds" just couldn't wait any longer to consummate their relationship!!! (Actually, probably something more mundane...like couldn't come up with the downpayment...or no credit history...whatever.)

Instead, we bought our first house on Highland Avenue where we would spend the first ten years of our wedded life...

I had to smile after reading the letter.

Sweet, innocent Julie...

Allowing the Egyptian Housing folks and the FHA folks to live...in one piece!

This was definitely in her "lack of confidence" youth...she was just 22 years old!

Can't you just imagine a different scenario...a very possible different outcome...if this had played out a few years later, when Julie developed her "aggressiveness"???

Oops...uh, sorry, Julie, sweetheart, darling! You must have heard wrong! I said "assertive", not aggressive!

Happy Anniversary, Julie. I love you...very, very much!!!